Where To Buy Elderberry In 2020

Whether you’re looking to buy elderberries themselves, or immune boosting supplements like elderberry syrup, we have you covered!

We’ve tried over 25 brands of elderberries and elderberry syrup, and will help you avoid the costly mistakes we’ve made.

If you’re looking to buy elderberries themselves, then this next section will show you our recommendations after trial and error. If you’re looking to buy elderberry syrup, scroll to the next section!

Best Organic Sources of Elderberry

1.Mountain Rose Herbs Elder Berries

We ordered two pounds of elderberries from mountain rose herbs and were pleasantly surprised at how fresh and great the berries were. These berries are 100% organic and were a great choice for us.

2. Frontier Co-Op Elderberries

We ordered one pound from Frontier Co-Op on Amazon and were also quite happy with the quality. They arrived fresh and are also certified organic. We also like these because they are certified non-irradiated, which is a big bonus. These berries are sourced in bulgaria and seemed to be of great quality.

3. Monterey Bay Spice Company

We ordered their organic 1 pound bag and were happy with our purchase, but one small negative was that there were a lot of stems in the bag. The berries were all in good condition though, so the excess stems was just something small to note.

4. Mountain Maus Remedies

We ordered 1 pound of berried from Mountain Maus Remedies’s Etsy store and were surprised how fast the shipping was. The berry quality was good, however there were quite a few green berries in our order. Overall they were still good, but not the best we had tried.

Best Sources of Elderberry Syrup

1. Gaia Elderberry Syrup

We were very impressed with this product, the quality was great and it seemed effective while we were using it. There is not a ton of added sugar compared to most other brands, so we really liked that fact. The syrup tasted like authentic elderberry and was delightful.

2. New Chapter Elderberry Syrup


One thing that stood out to us about this brand was that it shows the actual amount of concentrate in the product. There are no proprietary formulas so you know exactly what you’re getting. Instead of adding any sugar or fructose, they add a bit of honey which is definitely preferred. This is also gluten free and 100% non-gmo. Overall a great syrup that we enjoyed.

3. Nature’s Way Elderberry Syrup

Nature’s way is probably one of the most well known brands, and we liked what it had to offer. The syrup was great, although there were a couple of cons to be noted. The first thing was noticed was that the berries they used were not organic. The second thing we noticed was that they added fructose as a sweetner. Overall it was still a great choice, but the other two brands we tried were better.

Common Uses of Elderberries

Most people use elderberry plants for health or flavoring reasons. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Heart health
  • Immune and antiviral support
  • As a laxative
  • To decrease inflammation
  • For flavoring food and wine

For health benefits, elderberry syrup is most frequently used. It’s important to be careful when cooking with or using elderberry plants, as certain parts of them such as the leaves and stems are toxic. Be sure to pick any stems out from among the elderberries and discard them.
For cooking, one of the most common ingredient combos is lemon and apple. These two ingredients go very well with elderberry in almost any recipe as they complete the flavor palate.
Let us know if there are any brands or reviews you’d like us to do, we are always interested in trying out new sources of elderberry plants and syrup!