Health Benefits of Beets

Beets are a food which have been around for ages, and have been used for many purposes. The red part of the beet wasn’t actually eaten until around 14 A.D. and is now known to contain many health benefits we seek.

In addition to containing multiple health benefits, beets are also used to make “beet sugar’ which can be substituted for cane sugar. Since a growing number of people are allergic to cane sugar, this is a very useful tip to know.

Here are some of the most useful health benefits of beets:

Beets Lower Blood Pressure

Beets have been shown to dramatically lower blood pressure, due to their ability to widen and dilate blood vessels in the body. This is the same mechanism that a good workout causes, by increasing nitric oxide in the body. This is also important as it helps to foster healthy blood vessel tone.


Beets Lower Inflammation

Beets are an abundant source of betaine, which helps to lower inflammation and prevent diseases. Betaine is extremely important in both methylation and in protecting organs such as the liver. Beets have been shown to lower the number of inflammatory markers in the blood stream, many of which are known to cause autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases.


Beets Assist in Detoxification

Beets have been shown to boost the bodies natural detoxification processes, including digestion, elimination, and detoxification of the liver. Beets specifically boost phase two detoxification in the liver, and help to detox from many of the toxins our liver struggles with on a daily basis. Beets also boost peristalsis, which are the contractions of the gut leading to healthy bowel movements.


Overall, beets are an extremely healthy food, packing a dense micro-nutrient and polyphenol makeup. In addition to their nutrient status, they provide many health benefits which other vegetables can’t compete with!