Health Benefits of Ginger

One of the most used herbs in the world is ginger. Ginger is not only used for its health benefits but also for its amazing role in making tasty meals. There are many different cultures around the world who have been using ginger for years. Overall ginger is probably one of the most common herbs that is cooked with today. In addition to being used for cooking, it is also used for a huge multiplicity of health benefits. It is one of the most anti-inflammatory herbs on the planet, and helps with a wide range of illnesses.

Health Benefits

One of the most common diseases that Ginger helps with is heart disease and strokes. Ginger is truly a superfood and helps to optimize cholesterol levels in the blood. Some people have even been able to stop taking their prescription drugs such as warfarin, though this is definitely not recommended without consulting your doctor first.

Another thing that Ginger is very well known for helping is indigestion. There are millions of new Americans being diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome every year. One of the main complaints of irritable bowel syndrome is nausea, and other similar symptoms.

Since ginger has been shown to both boost digestion, and relieve nausea, it is a great natural choice which has been studied for many years. There are actually a large number of studies which have been done on ginger related to indigestion and nausea. In addition to the favorable effects that these studies found, ginger has been used for centuries for nausea and is one of the most widely used remedies. It is also used for people who suffer from gastroparesis, which slows the emptying of the stomach. By taking over a gram of ginger, the stomach contents are emptied much more quickly, and nausea can be avoided most of the time.

Another great thing that Ginger can help with is to make sure that your nutrients and food gets digested and absorbed properly. It can help signal your body to create more hormones which improve digestion and overall health.
In addition to helping with all of these things, it is also a very potent antioxidant and has been shown to slow the aging process and neutralize free radicals very effectively.
It has also been shown to be effective against parasites, bacteria, fungus, and even yeast which can be harmful to the body. Along with garlic and oregano, it is one of the best natural antimicrobials out there. One of the great benefits of using Ginger instead of antibiotics(when applicable) is that it does not kill your friendly bacteria.
Ginger is very good at targeting infections while leaving your Healthy gut microbiome intact. Another great thing is that it helps to prevent antibiotic overuse, which can create resistant bacteria and superbugs that no longer respond to antibiotics.
Another great factor which Ginger possesses is its ability to help block pain. One of the essential oils in ginger is very good fat blocking sensitive nerve endings.
Overall, ginger is a wonderful herb which has many health benefits!