The 5 Best Elderberry Gummies Products

Welcome to your comprehensive guide for elderberry gummies in 2020.
We’ve tried over a dozen gummy brands, compared research, and spent over 50 hours analyzing recent research and studies.
In this post we’ll cover:

  • The best brands and the pros and cons for each
  • Research on elderberry gummies and their effectiveness
  • The one mistake I made which cost me $100

This post will save you hours of time, money, and help you discover the best brand for your needs.

Our Top 5 Picks For Black Elderberry Gummies In 2020

Lets jump right into it and start off by discussing the pros and cons of each brand and rank our top choices for Elderberry Gummies.

1. Physician’s Choice Elderberry Gummies

These gummies are delicious! It’s crazy how good they can taste without having any artificial sweetners or crazy amount of sugar added. Out of all the products we reviewed, the kids liked the taste of these ones the most.
Our favorite thing about these gummies was the bonus ingredients. This formation also contains propolis, vitamin C, and echinacea. This is a super powerful combo in the immune boosting department and these ingredients work great together.
We reviewed this product for a month and noticed no illness in the 8 people who took it. One participant said they felt like they had a cold coming on when they started taking these, but it went away within 48 hours of using this product
Another benefit for children is the shape of the gummies. They look somewhat like candy and should be easier to convince a child to take. They also come with a light natural “dusting” on them which prevents them from sticking together which was a huge perk.


  • Excellent Taste
  • Easy to chew, coating prevents them from melting and sticking together
  • Aesthetically pleasing for kids
  • Powerful added ingredients – vitamin C, propolis, echinacea
  • Affordable and effective


  • More sugar than other brands

2. Nature’s Way Sambucus Gummies

If you’ve used black elderberry syrup before, you’ve probably heard of natures way. They are a very prominent brand in this category, and have been around for quite some time.
The price on these elderberry gummies is quite low for a big brand name like Nature’s Way, so we were happy off of that right off the bat. The first thing we noticed about these was the taste. They taste much better than expected, and don’t have quite as much bitterness to them as plain the syrup does.
Nature’s Way elderberry gummies also come with vitamin C and zinc, which is an added bonus for overall health and immunity. Each gummy is about the size of a nickel, and they aren’t hard to chew or swallow which was great.
The one downside we noted was that the formula seems to have been recently changed. There used to be less ingredients, but it appears they added more sugar and vegetable oil. They still only contain 3g of sugar per serving which is low, but if that is something you’re monitoring carefully it’s worth noting.
We trialed these for a month and didn’t notice any colds or other symptoms, even in two preschoolers during flu season. They definitely seem to be effective.


  • Excellent taste
  • Easy to chew and not too large
  • Extra bonus ingredients
  • Affordable and effective
  • Standardized extract – you know exactly how much you’re getting


  • Formula changes – added vegetable oil and a bit more sugar

3. Garden of Life mykind Organics

This product tastes great and is packed with LOTS of other beneficial ingredients such as aronia berry, emblic, echinacea, rosemary, guava fruit, zinc, and vit C. These are all great components to help boost your immune system. The supplement is also completely free from gmos, organic, and gluten free. This is a great choice for anyone who might have a sensitive stomach or gluten allergy.

We trialed this gummy for a month and had no illnesses, the taste was great and the kids didn’t mind taking them at all.

The only con is the price, this gummy supplement is much more expensive than the others – but it does boast double the number of beneficial ingredients, so it makes sense.



  • Great Taste
  • Small size, easy to take
  • Multiple added beneficial ingredients: arionia berry, emblic fruit, echinacea, rosemary, guava fruit, vitamin C
  • Great for sensitive stomachs – free from gmos, organic, and gluten free


  • Priced higher than others


4. Airborne Blended Gummies

The first thing we noticed about these commies were that they were overly sweet. They tasted almost like they had artificial sweetner in them. The kids who tried these did not like the taste at all. These also come loaded with Zinc, and Vitamins E, D, and C. This is a great blend of minerals and similar to the other brands listed. One thing to note is that this product contains tapioca, so if you are allergic to latex or tapioca be sure to exercise caution.

Overall, these seem to be effective, no one got sick during the month that we tested them. The only problem was the taste.  The kids did not like these as much as the others.

While these may be effective, they taste quite sweet.




  • Great blend of added ingredients – Zinc, Vitamins E, D, and C
  • Affordable and effective


  • Not the best taste

5. Purely Optimal Gummies

Purely Optimal elderberry gummies taste excellent and are shaped like traditional grape fruit-snacks. They include zinc and vitamin C in their formula, but come with a lower dosage than their competitors.

We tried this product for one month, everyone who tried them loved the taste, but one person did get a short cold while taking them. We speculated that maybe twice the dosage was needed in order to be more effective.

The other con was that the price was quite high compared to the other products we had tried.
Overall, these taste great, but we feel the dosage is a bit low, and the pricing is a bit high.




  • Good blend of added ingredients – Zinc, and Vit C
  • Excellent taste


  • Pricey
  • Dosage is a bit low compared to other brands


Research On Elderberry and Its Effectiveness

Elderberry has been used for centuries and was known to be an effective herb for preventing many different types of illness and boosting immune support. It wasn’t until the last decade that scientists began to research and conduct studies on it. These initial studies showed incredible results, and since then there have been dozens of studies performed. Here are some of the benefits of black elderberry that you should definitely know about.

Elderberry Syrup Reduces Duration of the Flu

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study done in 2004 found that those who took black elderberry recovered 4 days faster than those who were taking a placebo (nothing).1) Another study showed it to be effective against both influenza A and B, and the participants who received elderberry recovered twice as fast as those who weren’t taking any.2)

Effective at Reducing Upper Respiratory Symptoms

A study conducted in 2018 showed that elderberry was effective at greatly reducing the symptoms of upper respiratory illnesses caused by a virus.3) The study itself had over 180 participants in it, so there was a pretty good sample size for a test of this nature.

Effective at Preventing and Reducing the Common Cold

Most of us get sick multiples times throughout our life from “the common cold”, which is generally (up to 80% of the time) caused by a type of rhinovirus. Luckily, a study performed in April of 2016 found that black elderberry is effective against not only the flu, but also the common cold.( The study showed that elderberry reduced both the duration and the severity of the cold. The people who were taking elderberry also got sick less than those who were taking placebo.

Bonus Effect: Elderberry Reduces Overall Inflammation In The Body

In addition to keeping your immune system strong, black elderberry has been shown to reduce inflammation in the by by lowing COX-2 inflammatory enzymes. 4)

Our Experience (and my painful $100 mistake)

Overall, each of the gummies we tested above was to be effective at boosting immune support. With the information that you now have, it should be easy to pick the right brand for your circumstances.
A word of caution – I made an pricey mistake that you should avoid! After testing the products above, I still had between a half to a full jar of each of these gummies left since I had ordered multiple bottles. I figured I would store them for later and keep using them one at a time as needed. What I didn’t factor in is that these are GUMMIES. I put them in a cabinet above my stove/oven and that was that. You can probably see where this is going already.
Three weeks later when I needed a new container, I opened it up to find a huge MESS of melted gummies. Apparently the heat from the oven and stove was enough to melt them in the bottles even though they were fairly far away. Store these in an area free from heat and you will avoid my costly mistake!
Let us know if there’s a brand you want us to review and we’ll get to it ASAP!

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